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I Am Tuco

Meet Tuco—the three-legged wonder dog, and embark on a heartwarming journey with the resilient canine with an indomitable spirit.

From overcoming adversity and spreading joy, Tuco's true story will inspire you and make you fall in love with the real-life dog. Discover the world through Tuco's eyes as he demonstrates that true strength comes from within.


Join Tuco on an unforgettable adventure of courage, love, and the power of embracing one's uniqueness.

Inspired by Tuco’s true story, it will make you fall in love with the real-life tri-pawed dog.

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Just Our Tony

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"Little Tony lives in the big city of Regina where he likes to pounce on leaves and grasshoppers.  Most of all, he likes to visit the house with the red front door.  But, when two mean cats hurt Tony, he needs help and knows just where to go.  

A sweet story about seeking help, "Just Our Tony" teaches young readers about empathy and adoption"

"Just Our Tony" is NOW available at all major on-line retailers!



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The eBook is also available on Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play

Book Reviews

Just Our Tony

"..the kids loved this story and related to how Tony was feeling. Strongly recommended read for any unique family situation."


"...Makes your heart happy...beautifully written and highly recommended."


"A lovely story about kindness and the love that can be found with a "chosen" family - even in the animal world."



“We would say I can do anything very loud and she would cheer.  My daughter has read it three times”

 ~Natasha T~

“A good cup of coffee, Christmas lights on, advent candle burning and a beautiful story.  What a wonderful creation you have made and the meaning to your story is great for kids to learn “I can do anything”

 ~Lorrie B~

"Your book is awesome. I enjoyed reading about Tuco” 

~Colleen S~


“Got the books today.  Rob and I both read it right away, it’s so good.  Can’t wait to give them to my nieces”

 ~Karen I~

“How beautifully done! What a great message your book has inspired by Tuco”

~Deanna K~

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